Aesthetic Porcelain Teeth – 50% Discount At Saigon International Dental

Aesthetic Porcelain Teeth – 50% Discount At Saigon International Dental

Cosmetic porcelain crown is a dental solution to help restore the aesthetic of teeth by using porcelain crowns to install on real teeth. Put simply, porcelain crowns like wearing a “new shirt” for teeth help the teeth are defective, irregular teeth … regain “natural beauty”, teeth are white, regular and beautiful.

when cosmetic porcelain crowns?

Smile – a measure of emotion, a measure of confidence, but a smile with many shortcomings makes you feel unnatural when communicating, missing out on many relationships, affecting your chances of success, even hindering the fortune of wealth and wealth when considering the anthropology.

With the modern, gentle method of porcelain teeth coating of Saigon International Dental Clinic, you will be free from the following worries:

  • Lose 1 or several teeth in a row.
  • Cases of broken, chipped, chipped, chipped teeth …
  • Antibiotic-stained teeth but inefficient bleaching.
  • Those who want to own white teeth more beautiful aesthetic.
  • Severe tooth decay or loss of the entire outer part of the tooth, worn tooth, bad bite

Porcelain Teeth In Saigon International How Beautiful?

A team of experienced doctors and high professional qualifications up to the international standards of advanced technology, carefully invested and dedicated by Sai Gon International Dental – 504 Cua Dai, Hoi An, we are confident to help Giving you the brightest smile, safest for oral health in the future.

Especially, after experiencing Porcelain Teeth service at Saigon International Dental, we commit.

  • Teeth with natural color and chewing function just like real teeth, looking at can not detect the difference.
  • If you do the entire jaw, there will be a new teeth, pure white, eye-catching and beautiful than real teeth.
  • You will no longer worry about tooth decay despite poor oral hygiene.
  • Long-term use if you maintain it well and carefully.
  • Simple way to clean teeth. Just brush your teeth regularly, combining dental floss and mouthwash.

ceramic crown coating process in Saigon international dentistry


Why Do You Choose Us – Saigon International Dental?

Originating from enthusiasm and responsibility, Saigon International Dental always considers customers as relatives, to bring you great products and services. With a team of dentists with 10 years of experience and the most modern medical equipment in Vietnam, we are confident to bring you the teeth, the most beautiful and brightest white.

Because Saigon International Dental is a dentist originating from the word “mind”, you can be assured of giving us your trust. Keeping its promise of quality and service, Saigon International Dental is proud of being a place that thousands of customers trust.

504 cửa đại hội an - WHERE CUSTOMERS SEND TRUST!

  • Gives you a beautiful & super durable white teeth.
  • 8-20 year warranty with preferential care service.
  • We always use the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment in dentistry.
  • Professional consulting team, gentle in each operation, thoughtful with every customer.
  • There is a full range of International certifications in dentistry from porcelain
  • veneers, orthodontics to implants.
    Always consider customers as family members to give the best quality.
  • Special: Up To 50% Discount In Dental Helps save costs.


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